How To Care For Lashes

How to Care For Your Eyelashes?

 The best eyelashes can be used and reused up to 20 times. How do you get so many wears out of a set of lashes? simply by caring for them properly. One of the ways that you can care for the your lash strips is by making sure you remove them each night after you are finished wearing them. First remove any excess eyelash glue with tweezers. Then use a spoolie (mascara wand-style brush) to brush out the lashes, bringing them back to life. One option, if the lashes have makeup on them, is to use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and apply it to your lashes to give them a nice rinse; then reapply the spoolie to brush the lash strands and allow them to air dry. Lastly, place them carefully back in their container so that they do not get damaged. You don't want the hairs on the eyelashes to get out of place. This could cause you to have discomfort the next time you go to wear your eyelashes. With proper care, you can look forward to enjoying carefree comfort and healthy lashes up to 20 times for each eyelash set.

Resizing Your Lashes to Fit Your Eye Length​

Remember that when you buy eyelashes online, some may be luscious and long. However, if you need to trim them after they arrive, that's perfectly okay. You can do so with scissors cutting from the outside of the lashes headed towards the inner layers. If you have any questions about cutting your eyelash strips, please contact us.



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